Radio Times Monster Poll results

Radio Times website have now revealed the results of their monster poll, the winner was the monster from Steven Moffat’s scary series 3 story blink, in which we saw the weeping angels, who is the only being to kill you nicely by sending you back in time and making you start a new life.

The full results can be seen below:
1. Weeping Angels – 42.3%
2. Daleks – and Davros – 25.8%
3. Cybermen – 6.8%
4. Other – 5.5%
5. Scarecrows – 5.21%
6. Sontarans – 3.75%
7. The Master – 2.96%
8. Slitheen – 2.61%
9. Ood – 2.31%
10. Clockwork Droids – 1.97%
11. Autons – 0.79%

in other news, BBC audiobooks have commissioned a second exclusive audiobook to be released later this year, the title is yet to be annouced


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