Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 73

The 73rd Issue of the Doctor Who Adventures Magazine was released on Thursday, the magazine includes free Ood eye’s and Slime.

BBC Magazine’s released this press release:

There’s a fact file about the Supreme Dalek, one of the meanest Daleks around. We’ve also got part three of our win a life-size Dalek competition (he’s worth over £2,000). And, there’s the first part of a cut-out mini mag all about these frightening creatures – if you like Daleks, you can’t afford to miss this Ultimate Daleks guide!

And the issue comes with an incredibly yucky gift – Ood slime and a set of Ood eyeballs. Bluuuurg!


• Three brilliant posters: The Supreme Dalek, Mr Halpen and an Ood and Matron Cofelia.
• Adventures Guide: Partners in Crime. Donna meets the Doctor again…
• Tales from the TARDIS: There’s something on Donna’s back in our scary scene from Turn Left.
• Quiz: A Quintus from Pompeii quiz!
• Make: a Doctor mask.
• Doctor’s Data: Find out about the Sixth Doctor.
• Comic strip: In the year 3269, trouble is waiting for the Doctor and Donna.
• Time Teasers: Shadow Monsters and TARDIS Scanner…
• Win: lots of goodies – including Doctor Who DVDs.
• Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who –Creatures and Demons book!
• Find out… how to become a Time Agent and receive a free newsletter every week.
The Ood slime is waiting for you…

The price of the magazine is £2.10, and the next issue is out next thursday and comes with a free monster stationary kit

  • Full cover can be seen here
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