Torchwood: Series 3 Title

Torchwood Magazine issue 8 have now announced the story arc title for the upcoming 3rd series of Torchwood, to be aired in spring 2009, the title for the arc is Torchwood: Children of Earth (highlight to reveal). Judging by the title it looks to be if the episodes will be separated as parts and not individual titles. It is also confirmed that Freema Agyeman will be staring in the new ITV series Law & Order: London, nothing is confirmed as yet weather she will be staring in the third series of Torchwood . 

In other news Eve Myles is to be one of the first guest stars in the new upcoming BBC1 family drama, Merlin, which also stars Colin Morgan, from this years episode Midnight, as the young wizard Merlin, Merlin is to broadcast in next coming weeks in the same time-slot as doctor who had.

2 Responses to “Torchwood: Series 3 Title”

  1. RyanE Says:

    thanks for the information mark, will change the information.

  2. Mark Says:

    Great post however it isn’t confirmed Freema will be returning ;) It says this;
    “As rumours are abound of who might be appearing in Torchwood series three following the recent Doctor Who finale, Freema Agyeman has confirmed that she will be rejoining her Torchwood colleagures …. Chris Chibnall and Richard Stokes on new ITV Drama Law and Order: London.”
    It’s there to trick you, loving the site ;)

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