Doctor Who Adventure: Issue 81

The 81st issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released yesterday and comes with free pens.

This is the BBC Magazines Press Release:

Essential Doctor Who facts guaranteed!

It’s useful to know all the facts about scary monsters because you never know when you might run into one. Take the Time Beetle, for example. Together with a mysterious Fortune Teller, it tried to change the universe by making Donna Noble turn right instead of left…
In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures, there’s a fact file about the mystical lady and horrible beetle – so you’ll know to avoid them both if you ever take a trip to the planet Shan Shen.
There’s also the final part of our competition to win a cool Roboform head – and if you’ve missed one of the tokens, don’t worry as there will be a bonus one in the following issue.
The issue comes with a free set of special pens – one’s got a Cyberman on it and the other has the TARDIS – and there’s also a set of Ood stickers.

o Three posters! The lone Dalek, the Fortune Teller and the Trickster, and the Doctor and his duplicate.
o Ultimate Companions:K-9 talks us through the Doctor’s many friends.
o Quiz: Take our quiz to find out which companion you’d be.
o Tales from the TARDIS: Donna discovers a Vespiform!
o Adventure Guide: The Lost Boy from The Sarah Jane Adventures.
o Comic strip: Part two of By Order of the Bonemenders – something strange is happening to the Doctor.
o Doctor’s Data: The yucky clone from The Sontaran Stratagem.
o Time Teasers: Puzzles to strain your brain.
o Activity: Cut out a picture of Captain Jack and stick him on your face!
o Woven wordsearch: Win a copy of one of the latest Doctor Who books.
o Win: Life-size Doctor Who cut outs and a remote-control Dalek Sec watch could be yours.
o Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get a FREE Doctor Who TARDIS and Doctor Files.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 81, priced £2.10, is out on Thursday 11 September! The Fortune Teller insists you turn right into the shop and get your hands on a copy as soon as you can!

view the full cover here

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