Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 84

The 84th issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released yesterday and comes with a free psychic wallet, notepad and a special pen

This is the BBC Magazines Press Release:

Win a life-size K-9!

In this week’s Doctor Who Adventures magazine you’ll find the first part of a two-part competition to win your very own K-9! We’re giving away a life-size model of the coolest canine in the universe.
We’ve also got a fascinating fact file about the Doctor’s psychic wallet – find out about all the times the Time Lord has used it to get into and out of trouble.
The issue comes with a FREE psychic wallet, notepad and a special pen with invisible ink! It’s perfect for writing secret messages to your mates!

o Three posters! Attacking Autons, K-9, scary Supreme Dalek.
o Tales from the TARDIS: The Doctor runs into Rose… and is blasted by a Dalek!
o Adventure Guide: We take a trip to the Planet of the Ood.
o Sarah Jane interviewed! DWA catches up with Sarah Jane star, Elisabeth Sladen.
o The Last Sontaran: A sneak preview of next week’s episode of The Sarah Jane Adventures!
o Ultimate Companions: Part four of our guide to the Doctor’s friends.
o Activity: A fun game to play with your psychic paper.
o Comic strip: Washed Away with the Doctor and Donna.
o Doctor’s Data: The Eighth Doctor.
o Rattigan’s Academy: Puzzling brain busters!
o Woven word search: Solve the puzzle and win a copy of Doctor Who – The Time Traveller’s Almanac.
o Win: Film tickets and Nintendo DS up for grabs!
o Subscription offer: Subscribe and you’ll get FREE Doctor Who Dalek and Cyberman figures.

Doctor Who Adventures issue 84, priced £2.10, is out now! Miss it and miss out!

full cover here

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