Radio Times Christmas Issue

Radio Times have released the cover for the listings 20 December – 2 January which includes a written piece by Russell T Davies, in which he previews the christmas special and talks about plans for Doctor Who, the magazine also includes 2 short interviews with David Tennant and David Morrissey.

An extract from the magazine can be seen below,


“It’s a real thrill to work with him again,” says David Tennant of David Morrissey, with whom he previously starred in BBC1 drama Blackpool in 2004. Morrissey, Dervla Kirwan (opposite page) and Velile Tshabalala, who plays Morrissey’s companion, Rosita, came in for the special at the end of the gruelling nine-month series-four shoot. “There was, I suppose, a danger we’d all be exhausted by the Christmas special,” says Tennant. “But to have David, Dervla and Velile come in with so much energy, always being funny and bright and up for anything, I think it spurred us on. We all got on very well.”


“The show has caught the public imagination. That’s in no small part down to David Tennant,” says David Morrissey (far right). “He absolutely inhabits the role of the Doctor. He’s a fabulous actor. Did you see him in Einstein and Eddington the other week? Brilliant!”
Are you surprised at the level of interest in your casting as the “other” Doctor?
“I’m proud of the episode, so I’m happy with whatever attention comes from that. It was a joy to do. It’s one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever worked in. It’s a full-on drama. That’s what I love about it.”
So you’ll be watching The Next Doctor at home this year?
“Of course. I have a four-year-old, but I don’t think I’ll let him watch. He might find it too strange to see Daddy fighting Cybermen.”
Of course, you’re the bookies’ favourite to take over from David as the 11th Doctor. Are you tempted to have a little flutter?
“[Laughs] It’s just flattering to be in the frame. What David has done is phenomenal, and whoever gets it after him will be a very lucky person. You’d want to keep the spirit of the Doctor, but do it in your own way.”

Radio Times are doing a special offer in this christmas issue. You can collect two tokens, token one is in this issue and token two in the next issue to be released on 27th December, and send £2.99 to receive a double-sided A1 poster showing the Cyberleader with Cybermen on one side and both Doctors with Miss Hartigan and the cybermen on the other side.
The Christmas issue of Radio Times is out tomorrow for a price £2.10
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