Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 96

The 96th issue of Doctor Who Adventures is out now and comes with a free time agent planner.

This is the BBC Magazines Press Release:

New year, new Time Lord, and new issue of Doctor Who Adventures!

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Adventures, out now, you can find out loads of essential information about the Doctor’s latest adventure – The Next Doctor – and about the man who we all thought was a future version of the Time Lord.
And if, like us, you love the scary Cybershades you’ll be desperate to get your hands on the cut-out mask.
Also, in this issue’s comic strip, the Doctor is joined on his travels by a new friend, Heather McCrimmon.
Heather is the result of a Doctor Who Adventures competition to create someone to travel with the Doctor… and you can read her first adventure here!
The issue comes with a FREE Time Agent Planner – perfect for drawings, addresses, storing monster facts… and most importantly, being in the right place at the right time!

o Posters: Miss Hartigan and her Cyber friends, the Other Doctor and Cybermen posters
o Tales from the TARDIS: Rose destroys the Daleks!
o How to draw: A creepy Cybershade!
o Doctor’s data: The horrible Miss Hartigan
o Comps: Win loads of goodies!
o Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get a Sarah Jane Adventures CD!

Doctor Who Adventures issue 96, priced £2.10, is out now. Don’t miss it!

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