Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 102

The 102nd issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released on Thursday and comes with a free mystery gift, there is a different one with every issue.
This is the BBC Magazines Press Release:

Free mystery gift with this week’s Doctor Who Adventures

What mystery gift will you find inside this week’s Doctor Who Adventures? There’s something special with every issue.
This week, Doctor Who Adventures has a fascinating fact file about the actor who has been chosen to be the Eleventh Doctor – Matt Smith.
Also, do you suspect your friend is an alien? Some creatures are masters of disguise and it’s difficult to tell what they really look like. We’ve got a feature all about the monsters that look human and are therefore very dangerous.
The issue, out now, is perfect for young Doctor Who fans everywhere. Don’t miss it!

o Posters: Martha Jones poster and the Doctor and the Gelth from The Unquiet Dead.
o News: Pictures from the Easter special, Planet of the Dead.
o Monsters: The ultimate guide to Sontarans.
o Tale from the TARDIS: DWA readers’ favourite scene from The Next Doctor. The CyberKing rises!
o Puzzles: Fun things to work out!
o Reader survey: Tell us what you think of Doctor Who Adventures!
o Colour it!: The Dalek Sec Hybrid is waiting for you!
o Comic strip: The Doctor and Heather land in the largest supermarket in the universe.
o Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get a Dalek adventure on CD!
o Plus loads more…

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 102, priced £2.10, is out now!

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