Special #2 News from DWM 407

special2_dwm_newsThe 407th issue has revealed more news from the upcoming special to be screen later this year. The first slice of news is that in just over a week when Planet of the Dead has aired, at the end the title for 4.16 will be revealed along with a little teaser, which will of course be posted on here sometime the next day. DWM have also revealed new and returning cast members that will join Lindsey Duncan in 4.16, the first returning cast member is Chook Sibtain, who previously appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode Warriors of the Kudlak, the second and final returning cast member is Alan Ruscoe who has appeared in Bad Wolf as the robotic Anne Robinson. New cast members include Peter O’Brian, Sharon Duncan Brewster, Aleksander Mikic, Gemma Chan, Cosima Shaw and Michael Goldsmith plus more names are to be revealed. The final bit of news is that 4.16 will not be shown in the christmas period as previously thought, many sites are now predicting that 4.16 will be shown at Hallowe’en or early December and that the final two specials will be shown on Christmas Day and New Years Day, more information will be posted when it is officially revealed.

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