Filming Continues on the Final Specials

special_3_4_filming_news2Filming has continued on the final two specials this week, welcoming back some more guests and introducing some new ones.

Wednesday 8th April was the final day of filming on Nant-Fawr Road, more commonly known as the Noble’s home street; filming carried on with Bernard Cribbins as Wilf  but also introduced June Whittled to the cast in Cardiff, her character is currently unknown, but many British newspapers are saying that she will play the part of Henrietta Goodheart, a character from the new series novel Beautiful Chaos. In the novel Henrietta Goodheart is Wilf’s girlfriend who Sylvia does not approve of. After filming finished there, the production crew returned to another familiar place, they returned to Bannerman Road where David Tennant, Elizabeth Sladan and Tommy Knight were spotted, how this plays apart in the story it is yet unknown, however it is believed that the Doctor knows he is going to regenerate, but before he does he want’s to say bye to all his companions that we have seen in the past 3 series’, while filming was started on Bannerman Road another set was spotted in a Churchyard, filming what looked like another Donna Noble wedding, with Catherine Tate, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King and David Tennant all seen on set. After the short time filming on Bannerman Road and in a Church, filming then started in a Swansea High Street at the start of the week, where christmas decorations were spotted in shop windows; it also looked like Donna, Wilf and the Doctor were doing some christmas shopping. Set reports and pictures can be found on Life, Doctor Who & Combom here.

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