Doctor Who Adventures: Issue 112

dwa112smallThe 112th issue of Doctor Who Adventures was released last Thursday and comes with a free monster stationary kit.
This is the BBC Magazines Press Release:

In issue 112 of Doctor Who Adventures magazine.
You’ll find loads of TOP SECRET info in the issue of Doctor Who Adventures magazine that’s out now.

There’s a guide to the most important members of the Unified Intelligence Taskforce – aka UNIT. You will remember them from the Doctor’s latest adventure at Easter, when they helped get an old London bus back from an alien planet.
The issue comes with a set of exclusive monster stationery – featuring some of the most monstrous monsters ever!

What else?
o Posters: A Scarecrow, Malcolm and Magambo from UNIT and a Tritovore.
o News: Who’s the Doctor’s next companion?
o Competition: Don’t miss our competition to decorate the Doctor!
o Tales from the TARDIS: A shock for four humans when the Family of Blood arrive…
o Make: How to make an Infostamp.
o Doctor’s Data: Lady Christina.
o Quiz: Take our Tritovore test and see what you remember about one of the newest aliens seen in Doctor Who.
o Puzzles and competitions: Fun things to work out and win.
o Comic strip: The TARDIS arrives in London – and there’s trouble at Crystal Palace.
o Subscription offer: Subscribe today and get an amazing Doctor Who book!

Doctor Who Adventures, issue 112, priced £2.10, is out now!


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