Torchwood: Confirmed Air Date?

tw_watchThe UKTV channel Watch, have released their TV highlights for June in a press release, in the highlights they have revealed that they plan to air repeats of series 1 of Torchwood. Watch plan to air the repeats after BBC One have aired Children of Earth starting from 15th June.
The release is as follows;

Weeknights, 10pm (from Monday 15th June)
With brand-new Torchwood on BBC One, Watch continues the Torchwood flavour with stripped episodes every week night.

The Doctor Who spin-off follows the adventures of a team of covert, modern-day investigators using alien technology to solve extraordinary crimes. Headed by the time-travelling Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and comprising a crew of renegades each with specialist skills, it’s down to Torchwood to battle aliens and monsters while the British public go about their daily business.

In the first episode, a brutal murder leads WPC Gwen Cooper to Torchwood, a journey that will change their lives forever. With four more episodes from series one across the week, fans can enjoy brand-new Torchwood on BBC One, as well as classic Torchwood on Watch straight afterwards.

Nothing has been officially confirmed by the BBC, although Gareth David-Lloyd has reportedly said at the vortex convention last week that Children of Earth will air in the second week of June. We will have more information when it is released.

Watch – Monthly Highlights – June 2009.

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