Rose Returns and Filming Wraps Up

rose_returnsLast week filming carried on in and around Cardiff, one of the main places that filming took place was the Brandon Estate, which is most commonly known as the  Powell Estate which was the home of Rose and Jackie Tyler in series 1 and 2 of Doctor Who. The scene in which Rose and Jackie return is the pair walking through the snowy estate, only to be met by a man holding on to a wall in a long brown coat. David Tennant and Billie Piper went to talk to onlookers and asked them not to take photo’s or report any spoilery content, however some information that was released is that it is New Year in 2005, which is before Rose met the Doctor. Also seen on set was Ood Sigma, who previously appeared in the series 4 episode Planet of the Ood and has been seen filming for The Water’s of Mars. Finally filming wrapped up on the 2009 specials last week after 6 months of filming, the wrap party which saw the end of the Tennant/Davies era was held in Cardiff on Friday night, that went on into the middle of the night. More information on the specials will be posted when it is released .

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