Torchwood: Children of Earth to air 20th July

tw_coe_air_dateThe week beginning 20th July see’s BBC America’s HD channel launch in the USA, with that launch there is a special sci-fi week in store. Programmes include Doctor Who: Planet of the Dead on 26th July at 8.00pm ET/PT, the series premiere of Being Human on 25th July at 9.00pm ET/PT, which stars Lenora Crichlow, from Gridlock and Russell Tovey from Voyage of the Damned. The last headlining show to air that special week is the highly anticipated premiere of Torchwood; Children of Earth, on 20th July at 9.00pm ET/PT, running everyday up to Friday. Although no official air date has been given in the UK, Torchwood is expected to air on the same day as the US, so in the coming weeks expect to see plenty of trailers hitting the BBC channels. In other Torchwood news, the BBCA Torchwood site has recently been redesigned with new content for Children of Earth, along with the new content an brand new 2 minute trailer has been released, which is also current airing on american TV, that can be seen here, and the BBC Torchwood site can be seen here.


2 Responses to “Torchwood: Children of Earth to air 20th July”

  1. planetwhonews Says:

    the bbc press office programme information for the week 15-19 june has already been released with no sign of torchwood on there and i am now in the process of changing the banner

  2. John Smith Says:

    Torchwood has been set to air on June 15-19 in the UK for quite some time now…

    P.S. .. look at the month stated on your banner :o)

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