Filming starts on Series 5 and the 11th Doctor Costume Revealed

matt-smith-costumeThe filming for the 2010 series of Doctor Who has begun filming today with Matt Smith, as the 11th Doctor, Karen Gillan, as the now named companion Amy Pond, and other special guest stars. Filming has started in Cardiff this morning, where they have returned to Dunraven Bay, where had doubled as Bad Wolf Bay in series 2 and 4, The Sun and The Daily Mail have images from the filming, but please beware when visiting the sun website as they have high spoiler images, whereas the BBC released a behind the scenes image of Matt and Karen in their costumes, Matt is wearing a tweed jacket, rolled-up trousers and black boots, however Karen’s character, Amy, is more laid back and wears a baggy jumper, tights and converse trainers, the image can be seen below. The TARDIS was also on set, with what looked like the ST John’s Ambulance sticker on the front which was originally used in the classic series. Filming will continue until March 2010, so expect lots of set-reports and images.


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