Torchwood: Children of Earth Final Ratings

tw_coe_final_ratingsFinal viewing ratings have been released by BARB, and they show that all 5 episodes made it into the top 20 programmes for the week. The opening episode, Day One, received a rating of 6.47 million viewers, which placed it 13th in the list, Day Two received 6.14 million making the lowest watched episode of the series, Day Three got 6.4 million, Day Four received 6.76 million viewers making the highest rated episode of the series and Day Five managed 6.58 million. Children of Earth recieved an average of 6.47 million viewers and was beat by the top three soaps and Top Gear, however only on episode of Emmerdale rated higher than Torchwood. Over on BBC HD Torchwood got the top 5 places for the week and three of the five midnight repeats got place 6, 7 and 8. Meanwhile the BBC Three repeats on the same night got places 5-9, with three repeats of Eastenders and one episode of Family Gut got the top 4 places. View the full table over on Gallifrey News Page.

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