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Tonight’s The Night Doctor Who Scene

May 24, 2009

tonights_the_nightLast night the final episode of the first series of John Barrowman’s Tonight’s the Night aired. Over the past couple of weeks three judges, which included John and casting director Andy Pryor, have chosen a new alien to appear in a specially written scene by Russell T Davies. Last week the alien was chosen and the scene was broadcast last night, it opened with the alien controlling the TARDIS, Captain Jack appears then questions this new being, the alien then reveals that he his a regenerated Doctor, Jack does not believe this and after other confrontation his real identity is revealed. You can watch the whole scene in HD quality here.

David Tennant expected to be fit to film 2009 specials

December 19, 2008

BBC News have released an article stating Russell T Davies has said, at The Next Doctor press launch last night, that David Tennant is expected to be fit to film the first doctor who 2009 special in January, after he had recent back surgery and had to pull out of Hamlet at the Neovello Theatre in London a few weeks back. Russell T Davies has also said at The Next Doctor press launch that Doctor Who will be out of the UK for 4 days because of filming abroad for the first special, which will start filming on 19th January. View the full article here, which also include some spoilers for The Next Doctor.

David Tennant to leave Doctor Who

October 30, 2008

Last night at the National Television Awards, David Tennant announced that he will not be returning as The Doctor and that the 2009 Special episodes will be his last. The announcement came after he won the award for Best Drama Performance as his portrayal as the Doctor. You can view a video on the BBC Doctor Who Website here, in which David talks about why he is leaving, also at the end of the video there is a special unseen trailer for the 2008 Christmas Special entitled, The Next Doctor. You can also view a press release here.

Here at Planet Who News we wish David the best of luck, and the countdown to the next doctor begins.

David Tennant on Top Gear (spin-off)

July 12, 2008

The BBC have released a spin-off of David Tennant’s appearence on Top Gear it shows Jeremy Clarkson talk David through a trip in a reasonably priced TARDIS.

The BBC have this to say about the clip;

A fun idea by two BBC staff members has resulted in a hilarious mash up of Doctor Who and Top Gear.
Inspired by his colleague Simon Catt, Matt Taylor of the BBC’s Repeats & Reversioning team had the idea of combining David Tennant’s appearance in Top Gear’s Star In A Reasonably Priced Car slot with clips of the TARDIS in flight from Doctor Who.
The result – with Jeremy Clarkson talking Tennant through his spectacular ‘lap’ in the Space/Time machine – so impressed their boss Gill Holmes, that it found its way to Mark Harrison, Head of the BBC’s Multiplatform Studio and then to Peter Salmon, Chief Creative Officer of the BBC Vision Studio.
Coincidentally, Peter was due to visit the Top Gear team this Wednesday, and showed the clip to Clarkson and Top Gear’s Executive Producer Andy Wilman. They loved it and agreed that it could be put online.
We loved it too, and thought you would like to see it. Follow the link below to check it out.

You can view the clip here; or watch below:

David Tennant in Einstein and Eddington this autumn on BBC2

July 10, 2008

More information on the upcoming program Einstein And Eddington which will be on BBC2 this Autumn, an exact air date is yet unknown.

BBC Press office have released this information:

David Tennant and Andy Serkis star in this drama set amid the chaos and uncertainty of the First World War. Einstein And Eddington chronicles the interlinked stories of two extraordinary men striving for a greater truth while refusing to be constrained by national boundaries.

Albert Einstein (Serkis) spent years working on his General Theory of Relativity, which threatened to overturn two centuries of Newtonian certainty and the foundations of British science. Arthur Eddington (Tennant) was a prominent British astrophysicist who, as a Quaker, believed that “truth knows no boundaries” and bravely championed Einstein’s theories while Britain rejected anything German.

In 1919, Eddington undertook an expedition to Africa to photograph light bending round the sun during an eclipse. These photographs not only proved the theory to be correct, but turned Einstein into a worldwide superstar.

Directed by Philip Martin (Prime Suspect – The Final Act) and written by Peter Moffat (Hawking), Einstein And Eddington co-stars Jim Broadbent, Lucy Cohu, Jodhi May and Rebecca Hall.

John, Gareth and David in’s Hot 100 for 2008

June 20, 2008

John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd and David Tennant have all made it on to’s Hot 100 for 2008 List.
David Tennant made it to number 33 beating Heath Ledger and Jamie Bamber,
Gareth David-Lloyd has made it to number 11 beating David Beckham
and finally John Barrowman has made it number 2 just losing out to Jayke Gyllenhaal, but did beat his rank from last year which was number 10.
you can see the full 100 here