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Planet of the Dead: Final Ratings

April 28, 2009

potd_final_ratingsThe final ratings for the easter special, Planet of the Dead, have now been released. The ratings show that Doctor Who received 9.54 million viewers on BBC One with a further 205,000 viewers watching on BBC HD, the final appreciation index for Planet of the Dead is 88. Doctor Who was the 5th most watched programme for the week with Britain’s Got Talent, Coronation Street and Eastenders beating it. The Sunday repeat of Doctor Who on BBC Three received 0.91 million viewers.

Part 5 of The Tennant Tapes

April 13, 2009

dt_tapes5After the recent broadcast of Planet of the Dead, several videos were posted on the officail BBC website. One of the video’s was the concluding part of the Tennant Tapes series, this video shows David Tennant filming in Dubai for Planet of the Dead. Throughout the video David talks to the cast and crew and someone gets a special phone call from the desert. You can see the video here, in HD quality.

Planet of the Dead: Overnight Ratings

April 12, 2009

potd_overnight_ratingsThe overnight ratings for last night’s easter special, Planet of the Dead, have now been released. The ratings show that Planet of the Dead received 8.41 million viewers on BBC One, with an additional 184,000 viewers watching on BBC HD. Doctor Who was the most watched programme of the day on BBC One, but came second, just missing out to Britain’s Got Talent as the most watched programme overall. Against Doctor Who, Primeval received 2.71 million viewers and Robin Hood, which transmitted after Doctor Who got 5.26 million viewers. Doctor Who Confidential achieved 0.46 million viewers. Final ratings are released in 10 days time.

Planet of the Dead: The Doctor and Lady Christina Kiss!

April 10, 2009

potd_kissPublicity stills have recently been released that show the Doctor and Lady Christina kissing. How this works out in the story we will soon find out as there is only just over 24 hours to wait.
Michelle Ryan who plays Christina said, 

There is a little spark between the Doctor and Christina. I think Christina feels like she’s met her equal — and the Doctor feels like he’s met his match with Christina.

David Tennant says of the special,

The story in the special is a bit bonkers. It’s fast moving and very exciting and something bigger than we’ve managed before. The writers always come up with something different each time and I’m always amazed by the storylines

Planet of the Dead airs tomorrow on BBC1 at 6.45pm.

Russell T Davies and David Tennant let more news out about the specials!

April 10, 2009

rtd_special_newsOn Tuesday morning Russell T Davies appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the upcoming easter special, Planet of the Dead which hits our screen tomorrow. Firstly, he told us that Planet of the Dead finished post-production at 11.30pm Monday night, this is the reason why there is no press launch or exclusive clip like there normally is, next he then let slip that the second special, which we will get to know the title of tomorrow, will air around November, he lastly told us that Bernard Cribbins will be the companion for the last two specials. Speaking on a radio show on Wednesday, David Tennant said that the last two specials would air on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, David also officially confirmed that Catherine Tate has been filming for the last two specials and that he has six weeks filming left to go.

Companions and Allies Reveals secrets about Planet of the Dead

April 6, 2009

potd_more_factsThe recently released book, Companions and Allies, which was released on Thursday reveals some very important facts about the upcoming easter special, Planet of the Dead. Click read more for some interesting spoilers. (more…)

Planet of the Dead NOT to have a press launch

April 6, 2009

potd_no_press_launch1The BBC entertainment correspondent, Lizo Mzimba, recently revealed on his twitter, that the Doctor Who easter special Planet of the Dead will not have a press launch. After he posted this, internet forum’s and fan sites were discussing the possibility that Planet of the Dead would not be ready for transmission. The press launch, which have happened early this week would have been the press’ first look at the episode, which would also have meant that there would of been a few spoilers to be revealed. Lizo then posted again on his twitter to say that Planet of the Dead will be ready for the airing this saturday. This is not the first time that Doctor Who has not had a press launch for one of it’s episodes, last year Journey’s End did not have a launch because the BBC wanted to keep the outcome of the Doctor secret, so maybe this is why there is no press release this time either, you decide for yourself.

Twitter / lizo mzimba: Vaguely surprised comment ….

Planet of the Dead: Second Aliens

April 2, 2009

potd_new_monstersRussell T Davies reportedly said that there would be two types of aliens in this years easter special, Planet of the Dead. The first were revealed in an earlier post, those aliens are known as The Tritovore, although nothing has been officially confirmed. After the first trailer aired last night the second set of aliens were revealed, Life, Doctor Who and Combom have been told that the flying creatures (pictured below) are called the swarm from the classic series episode, The Invisible Enemy. There is now just over two weeks before Planet of the Dead is aired, so there is not long to wait, before this Michelle Ryan will be appearing on Blue Petter and David Tennant will be appearing on Jonathan Ross’ radio show over the next week, so tune in for them.

Planet of the Dead: SFX Trailer

April 1, 2009

potd_trailer_sfxThe sci-fi magazine SFX have posted a new trailer for the upcoming easter special, Planet of the Dead. The trailer shows a group of people, including The Doctor and Christina arrive on an alien planet, various other new characters are also shown as well as some new monsters. We learn from the trailer that the planet has 3 suns, a wormhole and alien sand. You can see the trailer in HD quality here and don’t forget that either this trailer or a brand new trailer will be aired tonight just before 8pm.

Planet of the Dead: Synopsis and Week Airing *UPDATED*

April 1, 2009

potd_synopsisThe BBC now released the synopsis for this years easter special, Planet of the Dead. The BBC have also revealed that the episode will air in week 15, which is between 11-17 April. Many online website and the latest edition of the Sky magazine are saying that the episode will air on Easter Sunday 12th April, more information will be revealed in the next weeks up to the episode.
The synopsis is as follows

When a London bus takes a detour to an alien world, the Doctor must join forces with the extraordinary Lady Christina, in this one-off seasonal special. But the mysterious planet holds terrifying secrets, hidden in the sand. And time is running out, as the deadly Swarm gets closer.

Planet Of The Dead features David Tennant as the Doctor, Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina and Lee Evans as Malcolm. It is written by Russell T Davies and Gareth Roberts.

BBC – Press Office – Network TV Programme Information BBC Week 15 Unplaced 2009.

UPDATE – The press office now have Doctor Who down to air on Saturday 11th April at 6.45pm and will run for one hour.

Planet of the Dead: Trailer to air on Wednesday

March 30, 2009

potd_trailer_to_airThe BBC entertainment correspondent, Lizo Mzimba, has revealed on his twitter page that the trailer for the upcoming easter special, Planet of the Dead, will be aired on Wednesday just before the 2nd episode of the new series of the Apprentice at 9pm. This information is believed to be true, so make sure that you tube in, or if you don’t it will be posted on this blog sometime on Thursday

Twitter / lizo mzimba: Psst. Didn’t hear this fro …

Part 4 of The Tennant Tapes

March 25, 2009

dt_tapes4The BBC have now released the fourth David Tennant video diary from Planet of the Dead. This tape includes more interviews with Michelle Ryan and other crew members, plus a special look at the monster from the episode, please be aware that the monster only appears for a few seconds. The video can be seen here and more will be posted soon when they are released.

Planet of the Dead: Another 36 Images

March 21, 2009

The BBC have released another 36 images from the upcoming easter special. The images show more new character plus more of the ones that have already been released. The Images also contain major spoiler of the monster that are in the episode so beware when you reach the end of this post. Could I also ask if you post these images on another site could you then please credit this site, thank you.


Spioler 1
Spoiler 2
Spoiler 3
Spoiler 4
Spoiler 5

Planet of the Dead: More Images

March 20, 2009

23 More images have been released by the BBC, these images have, to my knowledge, never been seen before. The images show 2 new characters, who have yet to be named, and also show the damaged bus, some of them are other behind the scenes pictures, as well as more of Lee Evans as Malcom and Noma Dumezweni as Captain Erisa Magambo. The images can be seen below;

Behind the Scenes

Planet of the Dead: New Images

March 18, 2009

7 New image have now been released to promote the 2009 easter special Planet of the Dead. The images mainly show David Tennant as The Doctor, one shows Lee Evans and there is one with Michelle Ryan as Christina. The new image were recently printed in the latest issue of SFX magazine. You can see all 7 images below.

Part 2 of the Tennant Tapes

February 17, 2009

Last month the BBC released a video diary of David Tennant from 14th January which showed him going back to Cardiff for the read through of Planet of the Dead. Yesterday the BBC have released part 2 of the video diaries, this one shows David’s first day on set in the Butetown Tunnel on the 22nd January, the video includes interviews with new producer Tracie Simpson and the 1st Assistant Director, a glimpse of new companion Michelle Ryan can also be seen. Tape 1 can be seen here and Tape 2 can be seen here.

Planet of the Dead: Filming in Dubai

February 14, 2009

The BBC Press Office have now officially revealed that the Doctor Who production cast and crew are over in Dubai, filming scenes for the easter special, Planet of the Dead. The filming continues after a red bus that was meant to be used for filming was damaged, it is said that the BBC acquired a third bus to continue filming. The full press release can be found here, and the BBC have also released 5 photos from filming, which can be seen below.

2009 Specials to be filmed in HD!

February 5, 2009

DWM #405 have officially revealed that all 4 of the 2009 specials will be filmed in High Definition and will be broadcast on BBC HD. Julie Gardener said that this has been the plan since the show was revived in 2005. James Strong, the director of Planet of the Dead has had experience filming in HD as he directed the first episodes of the new series of Hustle. As the episodes are being filmed in HD, a HD DVD release is expected.

Planet of the Dead Script Rewrite

January 29, 2009

Sources are indicating that Russell T Davies has had to rewrite the Planet of Dead script, after the bus that was being transported to Dubai has been damaged by a crane operator. The reason the script may have to be rewritten is that the bus is to play an important part in the episode, and the production team may not be able to receive a replacement bus in time for the start of filming. Russell T Davies also said that the episode was to be TARDIS-Lite, however the TARDIS was seen at last nights filming along with Lee Evans, who is to play a professor. For set images and reports, see Life, Doctor Who & Combom, which is updated daily with also the latest news, rumors and other things.

Planet of the Dead Casting News

January 24, 2009

The BBC have posted a press release stating a number of guest stars that are to appear in the first special, Planet of the Dead. The press release reveals that Michelle Ryan is to star as the Doctor’s companion for that episode, it is revealed that she will play the mysterious Lady Christina de Souza. Lee Evans is also to appear as Professor Malcom and Noma Dumezweni is to reprise her role as Captain Erisa Magambo, last seen in Turn Left helping Donna and Rose. Planet of the Dead is currently being filmed in Cardiff, after that filming is finished, filming will then start on the rest of the specials, then Matt Smith will take on the TARDIS in the summer when the series 5 filming begins. You can read the full press release