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Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Comic Con Trailer

July 27, 2009

dw_wom_trailer2The BBC have released a new trailer for the upcoming Doctor Who special, which is due to be aired in November. The trailer, that was shown as part of the Doctor Who panel at the San Diego Comic Con 2009, contains previously unseen clips. The unseen clips include shots of the Mars Base and of the Doctor in the spacesuit that has been previously used in the Impossible Planet and the Satan Pit. You can seen the trailer on the Planet Who News YouTube channel here. Julie Gardener has also confirmed that there will not be a Doctor Who Movie, however things can change…

Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars Preview

July 9, 2009

dw_wom_previewThe BBC Press Office have today released a press pack detailing their flag-ship shows that are due to air this autumn. Along with many other popular shows listed Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars was one of them. The BBC have uploaded a short clip, that contains a major spoiler, that can be seen here, and two new episode stills can be seen on the Planet Who News Gallery here, please beware when visiting the gallery as one of the images can be classed as spoilery.


Doctor Who to return later this year in …

April 11, 2009

waters_titleAfter tonight’s easter special, Planet of the Dead, a special teaser for the second special was aired. The teaser also told us the title of the special to be aired in November, the special is called The Waters of Mars. The Waters of Mars will see Lindsey Duncan join the Doctor as Adelaide as this special’s one off companion. The teaser also showed a woman being attacked, there was also lot’s of water coming out of people through various body parts including hands and arms. You can see the teaser here in HD quality.

Russell T Davies and David Tennant let more news out about the specials!

April 10, 2009

rtd_special_newsOn Tuesday morning Russell T Davies appeared on BBC Breakfast to talk about the upcoming easter special, Planet of the Dead which hits our screen tomorrow. Firstly, he told us that Planet of the Dead finished post-production at 11.30pm Monday night, this is the reason why there is no press launch or exclusive clip like there normally is, next he then let slip that the second special, which we will get to know the title of tomorrow, will air around November, he lastly told us that Bernard Cribbins will be the companion for the last two specials. Speaking on a radio show on Wednesday, David Tennant said that the last two specials would air on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, David also officially confirmed that Catherine Tate has been filming for the last two specials and that he has six weeks filming left to go.

Special #2 News from DWM 407

April 3, 2009

special2_dwm_newsThe 407th issue has revealed more news from the upcoming special to be screen later this year. The first slice of news is that in just over a week when Planet of the Dead has aired, at the end the title for 4.16 will be revealed along with a little teaser, which will of course be posted on here sometime the next day. DWM have also revealed new and returning cast members that will join Lindsey Duncan in 4.16, the first returning cast member is Chook Sibtain, who previously appeared in the Sarah Jane Adventures episode Warriors of the Kudlak, the second and final returning cast member is Alan Ruscoe who has appeared in Bad Wolf as the robotic Anne Robinson. New cast members include Peter O’Brian, Sharon Duncan Brewster, Aleksander Mikic, Gemma Chan, Cosima Shaw and Michael Goldsmith plus more names are to be revealed. The final bit of news is that 4.16 will not be shown in the christmas period as previously thought, many sites are now predicting that 4.16 will be shown at Hallowe’en or early December and that the final two specials will be shown on Christmas Day and New Years Day, more information will be posted when it is officially revealed.

Filming Continues on the 2009 Specials

March 1, 2009

After the recent filming in Dubai, the Doctor Who production team have returned to Wales to start filming on the next special, which is to star Lindsey Duncan as the companion for that episode. The special is to also include two more guest starts, currently unknown, as well a robot and Ood Sigma that were seen at filming on Friday night. After the filming, it is now thought that the episode is to be set in the future and around christmas time. David Tennant was also seen at a quarry on Tuesday, in which he wore the same space suit as he wore in The Impossible Planet and The Satan Pit.

Images courtesy of alun.vega. See more images from the 2009 specials filming here on alun.vega’s flickr photostream.

Lindsey Duncan to be Companion in the 2nd Special

February 19, 2009

Yesterday many newspapers and news website published a story that actress Lindsey Duncan is to be the companion to the 10th Doctor in the second 2009 special, which is current un-named. The BBC then posted a press release confirming the story. Lindsey, who is to appear in the highly-anticipated BBC 2 drama Margaret, is to play Adelaide, the Doctor’s most strong-mined companion yet. Lindsey has also appeared in a stage play with new doctor, Matt Smith, called That Face. The full press release can be read here.

2009 Specials to be filmed in HD!

February 5, 2009

DWM #405 have officially revealed that all 4 of the 2009 specials will be filmed in High Definition and will be broadcast on BBC HD. Julie Gardener said that this has been the plan since the show was revived in 2005. James Strong, the director of Planet of the Dead has had experience filming in HD as he directed the first episodes of the new series of Hustle. As the episodes are being filmed in HD, a HD DVD release is expected.

2009 Specials: Writers Announced

July 24, 2008

Russell T Davies, speaking to Doctor Who Magazine, has announced the writers for the 2009 specials. Russell T Davies will be 2 on his own, 1 will be co-written by Russell and Gareth Robers and 1 will be written by Russell and Phil Ford. Russel has also confirmed that all together including the 2008 christmas special there will be 5 specials, meaning Russell will be writing 3 of the specials on his own.

2009 Specials Update

July 14, 2008

Recently Julie Gardener, Executive Producer, was interviewed by the Telegraph and told them that the second 2009 special would air at easter, the first being this christmas and the last would air next christmas. Here is what she had to say;

“Our main motivation for giving Doctor Who a break is that we want the audience to remember how much they love it,” she said. “Come 2010, we want people to be cheering its return.” 

“We are making four one-hour specials. The first, which we’ve already filmed, will go out this Christmas. The next will go out the following Easter. The other specials have yet to be scheduled, although one will definitely be on at Christmas 2009.”

Some people around the whoniverse are also speculating that one of the specials or an episode for series 5 may be set in Egypt and one episode may star Winston Churchill.

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