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Toys: Series 4 Vespiform build-a-figure

January 14, 2009

Character Options have recently reveled a modified wave of series 4 figures. Character Options are releasing the Supreme Dalek, Davros, Donna, the Pyrovile Priestess, River Song, Sontaran Trooper, Sontaran General Staal, Ood Sigma, Natural Ood, Hath Peck and the Vashta Narada suit creature and also releasing 25 Adipose. Each figure will include a part to make a deluxe Vespiform.

Both the wave of toys and Vespifrom are pictured below. The timelord figure is picture is not yet known if it will be included in the wave.

Toys: Series 1,2 and 3 Gelth build-a-figure

January 14, 2009

Character Options have recently revealed the next wave of series 1, 2 and 3 toys. The wave includes Jabe, a purple Clockwork Droid, Captain Jack, Master in YANA clothes, Old and Ancient Doctors from Last of the Timelords, Astrid without apron and Bannakaffalatta. Each toy come with an extra part that when completed after all figures are bought will make a Gelth figure.

Both the wave of toys and the finished Gelth are pictured below.

Toys: January 2009 Deluxe Toys

December 15, 2008

Character Options have now released images and details of three deluxe toys due for release in January next year. The toys include a new version of the cyberleader voice changer helmet to accompany this years christmas special, also being released are Captain Jack’s vortex manipulator and The Journal of Impossible Things from the series 3 episodes Human Nature and the Family of Blood, both the vortex manipulator and the journal come with a mini sonic screwdriver that lights up the same way the full version does.

Toys: Series 4 Wave 2

October 18, 2008

Character Options have released images of the second wave of series 4 toys, the wave update includes single figures of Davros and the Supreme Dalek, a Judoon in series 4 packaging and new figures include River Song, Hath, Vashta Nerada and a Timelord from series 3.

see all series 4 figures here.

Toys: Plush Adipose

August 13, 2008

Character Options have released the first image of the Plush Adipose due for release this September. The Plush Adipose will be in most good toy stores and on the internet. The Adipose will retail at £9.99.

Click here to see the full image.

Toys: 5" Supreme Dalek in new packaging

August 4, 2008

CO have released images of the 5″ radio controlled dalek due in shops any day now. The dalek will include motorised dalek movements and 10 supreme dalek phrases. Click here to see the dalek on it’s own and click here to see the dalek in character options new packaging. Thanks to Blogtor Who for the images.

Toys: 12" RC Davros

July 29, 2008 have released the first image of the upcoming 12″ Remote Control Davros due to be released later this year. The voices on the image are subject to change on the final toy. The rrp for Davros is £39.99. The full image if the toy can be seen here. An image for the upcoming release of the 12″ Remote Control Supreme Dalek has also been released, the image of the toy can be seen here.

Argos Autumn/Winter 08 Catalogue Numbers

July 25, 2008

Here are the Argos catalogue numbers from the Autumn/Winter 08 Catalogue that will go live from tomorrow

387/5287 – Series 4 Figures – £7.99
387/5263 – Dalek Voice Changer Helmet – £39.99
387/5270 – Series 1, 2 and 3 figures – £7.99
081/7509 – The Fires of Pompeii set (extra) – £14.99
387/2840 – Sonic Screwdriver and Pen set – £9.99
387/5847 – 5″ Radio Controlled Supreme Dalek – £19.99
387/6853 – The Sontaran Stratagem set – £19.99
387/3980 – The Doctor’s Fob Watch – £14.74
081/3383 – Flight Control TARDIS with bad wolf graffiti (extra) – £14.99
387/2967 – Interactive Sonic & Laser Screwdriver set – £29.99
Available August
387/6190 – 12″ Radio Controlled Supreme Dalek – £39.99
Available from September, no prices are known for these yet
387/6860 – The Stolen Earth gift Set
387/6767 – Plush Adipose
Visit the argos website here. these numbers will go live sometime tomorrow

Toys: Torchwood Captain John Hart

July 25, 2008

SciFi Collector have released the first image of the Captain John Hart figure due to be released in november. The figure includes 2 guns and a sword. The figure will join the blowfish (previously reported here), Ianto Jones, Toshiko Sato and Owen Harper in wave 2. Wave 1 which includes Captian Jack, Gwen Cooper, a Weevil and the Cyberwoman will be released early-mid september.

The full image of the figure can be seen here

Toys: Pyroville Set

July 23, 2008

Character Options have released an image of an upcoming deluxe set. The set will will include an 8″ Pyroville and a 5″ Roman Soldier never seen on screen before. No release date or price has yet been announced but is likely to be in the region of £15.00 – £20.00.
You can see a full image of the set here.

Toys: Classic Daleks Collector’s Set #1

July 23, 2008

Blogtor Who have pack shot images of the newly released classic daleks collector’s set 1. The set includes 3 Classic Series Daleks from The Dead Planet, The Planet of the Daleks and Genesis of the Daleks. The images can be seen on Cameron McEwan’s flickr here

Toys: The Stolen Earth Gift Set *UPDATED*

July 20, 2008

Character Options have released images of The Stolen Earth Gift Set. The set includes a brown suited Doctor, the Supreme Dalek, machine Dalek and Davros.

It has also been revealed that there will be a 5″ and 12″ Remote Controlled Davros and Supreme Dalek, both come with phrases used in the episodes, priced around £19.99/£39.99. The price for the set is likely to be around £19.99. The Stolen Earth Set, Remote Controlled Davros and Remote Controlled Supreme Dalek are all released in the autumn.
  • See an image of the full set here
  • See an image of Davros here
  • *UPDATE* See an image of the Supreme Dalek here *UPDATE*
thanks to the doctor who site for the images
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Toys: Classic Daleks set 1

July 10, 2008

Character Options have released images of their up-coming set of 3 Classic Daleks. The Dalek variants include Daleks from the first doctor story The Dead Planet, the third doctor story Planet of the Daleks and the fourth doctor story Genesis of the Daleks.

The Daleks 3-pack is due for release in August and is priced £16.99
full image here (thanks to Blogtor Who for the image)

Toys: Series 4 Wave 1 carded

July 9, 2008

Images of the series 4 wave 1 toys in their carded forms have started to appear online. The colour for series 4 on the cards is a lilac-purple and stands out from the previous red, blue and green.

The toys are released on 31st July priced £7.99 however some toy shops have already started selling them.
a full image of all the carded toys can be found here (with thanks to tardis and torchwood treasures).

Toys: Torchwood Blowfish

July 1, 2008

SciFi Collector have released the image of a new Blowfish toy from their second wave of Torchwood toys released later this year, also believed to be relaesed as part of wave 2 are Owen, Tosh, Ianto and Captain John. The First wave of the toys include Jack, Gwen, The Cyberwoman and a Weevil released in August they can be seen and pre-ordered here for £39.95.
Full image of the blowfish can be seen here

Toys: Series 4 Wave 1

June 20, 2008

Character Options have released images of the first set of figures from series 4. The figures include The Doctor with 5 Adipose, Donna Noble in the Planet of the Ood outfit, Natural Ood from Planet of the Ood, Ood Sigma from Planet of the Ood, Pyrovile Priestess for Fires of Pompeii, Comander Skorr from The Sontaran Stratagem 2 parter and a Sontaran Trooper from The Sontaran Stratagem 2 parter. Each figure will be released on Thursday 31st July and priced around £7.99

an image of the toys can be found here

Toys: Sontaran Set

June 15, 2008

Character Options have released an image for their upcoming release of a Sontaran Gift Set, which includes 3 Sontaran figures, General Stall, Commander Skorr, and a helmeted Sontaran trooper, Stall and Skorr each come with removable helmet, the set also includes a Donna figure in the costume from Planet of the Ood.
The Set is released later this year, the rrp is most likely to be around £19.99
an image of the set can be found