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Torchwood: Children of Earth Radio Times Cover

June 30, 2009

tw_rt_coeThe British listings magazine, Radio Times, for the week 4th – 10th July has been released today and features a Torchwood cover. The initial cover (below) shows Captain Jack Harkness and then when opened up the cover features all three Torchwood members and Rhys. The magazine features a two-page article on Torchwood, which features interviews with all the returning cast and show producer Julie Gardener. Radio Times is out now at a price £1.10. Other listing magazines out today that feature Torchwood covers are TV & Satalite week and TV Guide.




Radio Times and TV & Satellite Week Covers

June 16, 2008

Tomorrow, 17th June 2008, both the Radio Time and TV & Satellite go on sale and both include Doctor Who Covers, the Radio Times even includes an interview with Russel T Davies, whereas TV & Satellite Week has the inside story of Rose’s return.
The full cover for Radio Times can be seen here and the full cover for TV & Satellite Week can be seen here. The Radio Times is £1.05 and TV & Satellite Week is £1.10 both out tomorrow
In other news – the break up between The Doctor and Rose has been named the number one best way to leave you TV lover in the Sky One show ‘Top 50 ways to leave you TV lover’, if you missed the show for any reason you can see it again Sky One on Saturday 21st June at 9pm