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Torchwood: Children of Earth BBC HD Trailer

July 1, 2009

tw_coe_bbchd_trailerBBC HD are now running a trailer on the their channel to promote the third series of Torchwood, named Children of Earth. The trailer is 30 seconds long and is similar to the second BBC One trailer that was released the other day, however there are missing captions and clips. The trailer can be seen here in HD. Torchwood: Children on Earth begins in the UK next Monday at 9.00pm on BBC One and BBC HD.


Torchwood: Children of Earth Second BBC One Trailer

June 30, 2009

tw_coe_bbcone_trailer2The official Torchwood BBC site has been updated once again today and they have uploaded a new trailer for the highly anticipated third series, known as Children of Earth. The new trailer takes on a similar format as to the one that was shown the other day, however there are new caption and previously un-seen clips to accompany the series. The trailer is expected to begin airing on BBC One from tonight, but you can currently see the trailer here. Torchwood starts next Monday at 9.00pm on BBC One.


Torchwood: Children of Earth BBC One Trailer

June 27, 2009

tw_coe_bbcone_trailerThe official BBC Torchwood site was updated early on Wednesday night with new wallpapers, character profiles and video’s. With the video’s came a new trailer and a preview for the web series ‘Up Close’, the trailer that was posted on the website was then ultimately shown after Celebrity Masterchef at 9.00pm on BBC One. The shows captions and clips from the highly anticipated┬áthird series of the show. You can see the trailer here and the Up Close preview here on the Planet Who News YouTube channel. Torchwood begins on the 6th July on BBC One at 9.00pm


Planet of the Dead: SFX Trailer

April 1, 2009

potd_trailer_sfxThe sci-fi magazine SFX have posted a new trailer for the upcoming easter special, Planet of the Dead. The trailer shows a group of people, including The Doctor and Christina arrive on an alien planet, various other new characters are also shown as well as some new monsters. We learn from the trailer that the planet has 3 suns, a wormhole and alien sand. You can see the trailer in HD quality here and don’t forget that either this trailer or a brand new trailer will be aired tonight just before 8pm.

Planet of the Dead: Trailer to air on Wednesday

March 30, 2009

potd_trailer_to_airThe BBC entertainment correspondent, Lizo Mzimba,┬áhas revealed on his twitter page that the trailer for the upcoming easter special, Planet of the Dead, will be aired on Wednesday just before the 2nd episode of the new series of the Apprentice at 9pm. This information is believed to be true, so make sure that you tube in, or if you don’t it will be posted on this blog sometime on Thursday

Twitter / lizo mzimba: Psst. Didn’t hear this fro …

The Next Doctor: 45 second trailer

December 16, 2008

Yesterday the BBC broadcast the first trailer for this years christmas special, the trailer was also released as part of the BBCi Adventure calendar, the trailer was meant to air at 8pm but aired at 8.30pm after Eastenders, the trailer is like most that have aired before but with more shots in it. The trailer can be viewed here or below.

TV Trailer: Journey’s End

June 29, 2008

The BBC have now started airing a trailer for Saturday’s finale episode Journey’s End across their channels, the trailer shows Davros and Donna but also shows scene’s from last night episode, The Stolen Earth.
The trailer can be seen here; or alternatively below:

Journey’s End Trailer Tomorrow

June 28, 2008

The Official BBCi Website have promised us a special TV trailer just before Eastenders at 1.00pm on BBC1, that trailer will of course be everywhere on the internet including this very site so make sure you tune in. Also don’t forget that Journey’s End is on next Saturday at 6.40pm on BBC1.
As there was no next time trailer after tonight’s episode we have a special treat, it is that amazing regeneration scence

Teaser Trailer: The Stolen Earth

June 22, 2008

one teaser trailer and one full trailer for The Stolen Earth have aired on the BBC Channels, the teaser shows The Supreme Dalek and 2 other Daleks, the full trailer shows The Doctor, Donna, Martha, Rose, Sarah Jane and Luke Smith, The Torchwood 3 Team, Daleks and a returning villian. You can view the teaser here, and trailer here;

or alternatively below:

TV Trailer: Turn Left

June 15, 2008

The t.v. trail for turn left is now airing on the BBC channels. The trailer includes clips of Rose, Donna, Unit and more the trailer can be seen on the BBC youtube channel here,

or can be viewed below